The Service Unit Pharmacies operates the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland. It encompasses 368 own and joint venture pharmacies that serve more than 100,000 customer transactions per day.

The Service Unit Pharmacies supports and relieves the pharmacies with centralised back-office functions, so they can fulfil their important role as the first point of contact for questions about health and wellbeing. With Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality (joint venture with Coop), Galenica operates the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland, giving it an excellent distribution network for the sale of own, exclusive and partner brands. In addition, Careproduct offers efficient solutions to support and improve mobility for elderly and disabled persons.


The pharmacy network of the the Service Unit Pharmacies

  • Amavita is the largest pharmacy network of Switzerland and consists of more than 180 own held pharmacies. Its product focus is on the provisions of prescription and non-prescription (OTC) medicines and beauty products, with a strong focus on customer advice for prescription medicines. Primarily concentrated in western and northern Switzerland, Amavita pharmacies are typically located in attractive and lively areas and are strongly client oriented.
  • Sun Store was the first pharmacy chain in Switzerland and has belonged to Galenica since 2009. The assortment of the around 90 Sun Store pharmacies focuses primarily on non-prescription medicines (OTC) as well as beauty, health and wellness products. Most Sun Store pharmacies are situated in the western and southwestern regions of Switzerland and places with high customer frequency, such as shopping centres.
  • Coop Vitality is a joint venture between Coop and Galenica. The network includes about 90 pharmacies typically located in or in close proximity to larger Coop stores and are primarily in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland. The product offering comprises a comprehensive range of health, beauty and prevention products, complemented by professional advice and services.
  • Careproduct At the beginning of 2018, Galenica took over Careproduct. The company supplies walking frames, wheelchairs, incontinence products and other aids both online and offline. The range is geared in particular to older people and people with a disability who want to maintain or improve their mobility level. With Careproduct, the Service Unit Pharmacies can expand its customer offering and strengthen its market position with respect to online sales.


pharmacies that serve more than 100,000 customer transactions per day.


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