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The Service Unit Products & Marketing manages Galenica’s product range for the Group’s various own formats and channels: from sales right through to marketing, and for its own pharmacies as well as for the overall market, such as the independent specialist retail trade and doctors. A large portion of the product portfolio is managed by Verfora. This comprises own and partner brands in the categories of medications, health, prevention and beauty. Furthermore, Winconcept supports owner-managed pharmacies and drugstores in their day-to-day business with a wide range of services. Under the Feelgood’s name, these more than partner pharmacies constitute the largest group of pharmacies in Switzerland.

The Service Unit Products & Marketing offers launch and distribution services throughout the Swiss healthcare market. This includes both the promotion of own brands as well as the commercialisation and promotion of partner brands. As a leading partner of the Swiss specialist retail trade, Verfora serves as an important bridge between consumers and the specialist retail trade, thereby contributing to healthcare in the Swiss market. The company cooperates with international leading partners including Pierre Fabre (with the A-Derma brand), the Alès Groupe (with the Lierac® and Phyto® brands), Angelini Pharma (Thermacare® und Bucco-Tantum®brands), and Procter & Gamble (with the Clearblue®, Oral-B®, Vicks® and Metamucil® brands).

Verfora markets top quality health and beauty products with well-known products and brands that can be found in almost every single household in Switzerland. These include Perskindol®, Anti-Brumm®, Merfen®, Algifor® and Triofan® as well as inlicensed and partner brands. The company has a strong position in the fields of pain, coughs, colds and respiratory diseases. Marketing and distribution primarily target all pharmacies and drugstores as well as potentially doctors and hospitals. Verfora also supports the specialist retail trade in Switzerland with a unique sales organisation and individual customer-specific training sessions.

Verfora aims to continuously further expand its product portfolio and, where opportunities present themselves, to also enter new market segments, such as the wound disinfection and healing market with the acquisition of the Merfen® and Vita-Merfen® brands in early 2017. The own-brand portfolio was expended with the newly launched own dermo-cosmetics line Dermafora® in early 2019. Verfora acquired the Hedoga Group with its well-known brands Osa®, Osanit® and Carmol® in mid 2020.

Verfora acquired the therapeutic product range from Dr. Wild & Co. Ltd., which includes well-known brands such as Vitamin D3 Wild Öl® and VI-DE 3®. Verfora thus secured the rights to strong brands and licences with potential. The acquired products from Dr. Wild have been leader in the attractive vitamin D market in Switzerland for many years and strengthen Verfora’s product portfolio in the area of prevention and immune system fortification. Verfora took over the experienced medical field service of Dr. Wild & Co. AG for marketing purposes and established its own medical field service.

Thanks to the acquisition of Spagyros Ltd., Verfora will not only be able to meet the growing demand for phytotherapy and complementary medicines through its own products but will also strengthen the position of pharmacies and drugstores with a range of products that require intensive consultation.

Winconcept is a marketing and communications company that also supports Feelgood’s, the largest group of pharmacies in Switzerland. The company is aimed at owner-managed pharmacies. The more than 170 pharmacy partners are located throughout Switzerland. Winconcept offers a wide range of services to support pharmacies in their day-to-day business. The personalised appearance of each pharmacy is especially encouraged. Winconcept’s guiding principle particularly underlines this: We strengthen the pharmacy with its image in its region.


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