Galenica hands over Careproduct to new owners

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Omni-channel – i.e. the link between online and offline – is a key element of the Galenica strategy. Contrary to earlier expectations, the Careproduct product range cannot be optimally integrated at Galenica. For this reason, Galenica is selling its subsidiary Careproduct to SAB Management Holding Ltd. and its owner Bruno Sauter, effective 20 September 2022.

Careproduct was acquired by Galenica at the start of 2018 with the aim of integrating its product portfolio into the range of pharmacies and unlocking potential synergies for everyone. It has not been possible to find an optimal way to implement this project to date. For this reason, Galenica has decided to sell Careproduct Ltd and transfer it to new ownership as of 20 September 2022.

The buyer is SAB Management Holding Ltd., whose registered office is in Hünenberg. Bruno Sauter, the owner of the company, wants to maintain and further develop the distributor of products such as walking frames, wheelchairs, incontinence products and other medical aids in its business model.

Lack of synergies strengthened the case for the decision

Careproduct is being disposed of in particular because the hoped-for synergies with Careproduct products in the retail business could unfortunately not be realised. It is rather difficult to sell Careproduct products in the pharmacies - in addition to its shop in Oberwil-Lieli or in its own web shop - due to space constraints and a lack of specialist knowledge.

On top of this, the Galenica Group is focusing on implementing the omni-channel strategy, which requires the concentration of all IT resources. As a result, the necessary further development of Careproduct's online ordering platform cannot be given the attention it requires.

Divestiture as an opportunity to develop Careproduct further

Careproduct has always operated autonomously within the Galenica Group. This means that there are no operational dependencies and the company can continue operating without Galenica. The buyer therefore intends to continue to employ all employees in the future.

Galenica is convinced that SAB Management Holding Ltd will be better able to exploit the company’s potential. As an individual owner, it can focus on Careproduct's core business and further development. Last but not least, Careproduct will benefit from greater flexibility in its business activities.

The Galenica Group would like to thank the Managing Director Claude Schneller and all employees of Careproduct for their valuable commitment over the past few years and wishes the company a successful future.

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