Galenica invests in salary adjustments and attractiveness as an employer

Tuesday, 8 November 2022

In 2023, Galenica will grant all its employees a fixed cost-of-living adjustment. It is investing over CHF 14 million, thus increasing the payroll for its employees by a total of 3.1 per cent. Additional measures are being implemented for pharmacy staff to increase its attractiveness as an employer.

All employees of the Galenica Group with a monthly salary of up to CHF 5,000 will receive a monthly salary increase of CHF 150. Employees with a monthly salary of over CHF 5,000 will receive CHF 100 per month (based on a 100% workload). By providing fixed and graduated cost-of-living adjustments, Galenica is sending a clear signal to its employees who are particularly affected by high inflation.

In addition, Galenica is reaffirming its intention to address the shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare industry with additional measures for pharmacy staff.

In pharmacies, entry-level salaries will be increased to CHF 4,100 to 4,500, depending on the region and canton. The recommendations of the cantonal pharmacists' associations will be used as a basis.
The benchmark salaries for employees with work experience will be increased on the basis of the new entry-level salaries.

Assuming a specific role by pharmacy specialists and thus taking on more responsibility – such as training apprentices – will in future be rewarded with position-related bonuses.

The attractiveness as an employer is further increased with flat-rate mobility allowances, allowances for acting as a stand-in and team bonuses.

Galenica is taking a further step towards covering the need for specialist staff in the future by providing a fixed cost-of-living adjustment for all employees as well as additional attractive measures for the pharmacy staff.

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