Galenica and Planzer establish joint venture

Press release
Thursday, 14 December 2023

Galenica and Planzer are establishing a joint venture. The new company, called Health Supply Ltd., aims to make the transportation of medicines and other products to healthcare providers more efficient and sustainable. Health Supply focuses primarily on deliveries that are already provided by Planzer and other transport service providers on behalf of the Galenica Group. Planzer will own 60% of the shares in the new company and Galenica 40%.

Planzer and Galenica are establishing a new joint venture, Health Supply Ltd., to supply medicines and medical devices to service providers such as pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and care homes. Health Supply Ltd. will in future bundle all transport services that are already carried out by Planzer and other transport service providers on behalf of the logistics companies of the Galenica Group. Health Supply’s offering will complement the deliveries that the Galenica Group’s logistics companies will continue to handle themselves. Health Supply's transport services will be temperature-controlled and in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. These services will also be made available to other market participants.

Less complexity, better predictability and space for sustainable transport solutions

By establishing Health Supply, Galenica is reducing the complexity that has arisen so far from collaborating with various transport service providers, thereby increasing efficiency and predictability in logistics, particularly in urban regions. At the same time, the joint venture will serve as a platform for developing, testing and implementing sustainable transport solutions, such as new alternative drive systems for delivery vehicles. Galexis is already testing various propulsion systems, in particular biogas, and in future also electric propulsion. Planzer also invests heavily in this area and operates vehicles with alternative drive systems throughout Switzerland. The joint venture’s mission is to drive forward the achievement of both partners’ sustainability targets with regard to greenhouse gas emissions.

Stefan Röösli, who previously worked for Planzer as Transport Manager at the Villmergen site, will assume the role of CEO of Health Supply Ltd. Health Supply will be headquartered in Villmergen. The joint venture will have around 50 to 100 employees upon foundation. The parties have agreed not to disclose the key financial data of the joint venture.

Andreas Koch, Head of Wholesale & Logistics at Galenica, says: “We are delighted to establish Health Supply Ltd. together with Planzer, a leading transport company with whom we have been working closely for a long time. Both companies bring their strengths in transport and healthcare logistics to the table – from Switzerland and for Switzerland.”

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