“Living with Parkinson’s disease” – a care manage­ment offer for those affected and their relatives

Friday, 1 March 2024

With the new Home Care Coordination Service, which was created in 2023, we support patients in organising and coordinating their treatment and in procuring products and medical aids. This not only makes life easier for those affected, but also relieves the burden on their relatives. The pilot project “Leben mit Parkinson” (Living with Parkinson’s), an initiative of the Home Care Coordination Service, shows that the offer is met with great interest and appreciation.

With Inselspital Bern and the Schweizer Netzwerk Parkinson Mittelland (Swiss Parkinson’s Network Mittelland), we were able to gain important partners to establish this home care service. In the first few months alone, we already advised more than 20 people with Parkinson’s disease in the Bern and Solothurn region.

A Galenica film team recently had the opportunity to visit a Parkinson’s patient and her husband at home together with the Care Manager. Ms and Mr Kistler spoke in front of the camera and showed how even small adjustments to the household – such as installing additional railings – can make things much easier and provide invaluable practical benefits in their day-to-day lives.

A moving insight into the lives of our patients and an incentive for all Galenica network employees to give their best every day for our customer promise: “We support people at every stage of life on their journey towards health and well-being. Anytime and anywhere in Switzerland.”